Italian Transplant Benefit Calculator 2.0


IMPORTANTE: separare i decimali con il punto non con la virgola e se ricalcoli il D-MELD reinserisci almeno uno dei successivi parametri

(separate decimals with point not comma; if you recalculate D-MELD please insert again one of the parameter below) 



CANDIDATE Characteristics

Creatinine / Creatinina (mg/dL) 

Bilirubin / Bilirubina (mg/dL) 


Serum AFP /  Alfafetoproteina (ng/mL) 

Maximum tumor size / Diametro massimo (cm) 

Donor Age / Età donatore (years / anni)

MELD Score 


Alive in waiting list non-HCC patients [1]

90-days     1-year    3-years

Life-expectancy over 3 years 


 Alive in waiting list HCC patients [2]

90-days     1-year   3-years

Life-expectancy over 3 years 


Età Ricevente (anni) / Recipent Age (years) 
positivo negativo
positivo negativo
Trombosi portale / portal vein thrombosis
presente assente
Ri-trapianto / re-transplantation
si no


Survival after liver transplantation [3]

90-days    1-year    3-years 

Transplant Benefit non-HCC patients
Gain in life-expectancy    (years)

Transplant Benefit HCC patients
Gain in life-expectancy  (years)













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